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Hello Friend,

Thank you for visiting our site. My name is Tunde Bencsik, we have founded Ten Senses London with my husband, Kris.

We have always loved mulled wine, cider, and apple juice, but honestly most of the time we had no time to go into the trouble and cook some.  We have tried bottled mulled wines but they never met our taste and we seldom finished a whole bottle.

One Christmas a few years ago, instead of going on my usual shopping spree, I have decided to make my own gifts to my friends, and I ended up making little pouches filled with mulling spices, so they can cook a good bottle of wine whenever they want it – surprise, surprise: they loved it :). I made some for myself as well from the remaining spices and put them away, completely forgetting about them.

Then in about February, a really bad rain caught me off guard and I got home completely soaked. I could kill for a steaming hot mug of mulled wine. I checked the cupboard and found a remaining pouch, with only a small amount of spices in there. We also had about a cup’s worth of Hungarian red wine, not nearly enough for any of the recipes. It seemed that there won’t be any mulled wine for me that night.

Then I got a crazy idea. I poured the wine into the mug, it only filled it about half-way, then added some water and simply put the pouch with those small spice remains into the cup, then just let it spin in the microwave for a short while. The result was unbelievable. The smell, the taste, the warmth…did that made me happy.

I told this to Kris a few months later and he was excited about the idea, making mulling drinks fast, and tea-easy for everyone. He convinced me to do some market research as this could be a good business idea. I got to admit that he was right, but don’t tell him I said that 😉 If you are interested in how the story developed after, read our journal below.

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