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Power Therapy
(3×30 weight loss teabags)

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  • 100% natural, Senna free, MSG free, No laxative effect
  • Boost your metabolism for faster results
  • Stay focused, energised and hydrated throughout your workout
  • High magnesium levels to fight muscle soreness even before your workout
  • No more jitters due to lower caffeine content than other pre-workout supplements


You’ve got the PWR!
Get in shape in record time using the PWR weight loss and workout tea product family!

We combined the best natural ingredients into a herbal tea blend to boost your motivation and stamina before your workout routine. Get more power without the jitters in this neutral tasting blend that you can consume on its own, or by adding it to a delicious smoothie.

The combined power of Ashwagandha root, Golden root, Green tea, Yerba Mate Hibiscus and Ginger will give you the extra PWR and motivation to kickstart your workout routine or even any morning when you want to feel energised and focused.

Excercise with laser focus, stay hidrated and boost your metabolism with our 100% natural pre-workout remedy with just enough caffeine to keep you going but without giving you tremors or causing stress to your body and hormonal balance.

Please check out our caffeine free Post-Workout Remedy and our everyday Professional Weight Reduction teas and our PWR tea therapy bundle with great savings if you order the complete package.

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Power Therapy
(3×30 weight loss teabags)”

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