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  • Vanilla Sky

    A non-alcoholic hot apple juice mulled with our Vanilla & Ginger mulling spices. A perfect drink for either the evening or a morning, works the same magic as coffee if not better. You can add an extra layer of taste with a spoonful of honey. Your daily 1 of a 5 as a new sensation, …

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  • Orange & Chillies Mulled Cider

    This is a nice, hot cider with some orange harmonies, leaving you with a tingling aftertaste thank to the hint of chillies in our mulling bags. Feel free to use the same recipe with different berry ciders as well to create new taste combinations.

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  • Classic Mulled Wine Recipe

    Mulled wine, the smell of cinnamon and oranges are a definite part of most adult’s winter season. You can make a hot cup of fine mulled red wine or cook up a full bottle for a family gathering, with ease. With the Ten Senses Artisan Mulling Spices it’s only a matter of minutes before you …

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  • Drunken Sailor

    A delicious mulled wine cocktail for a chilly evening, Drunken Sailor will keep you a good companion and give you a good buzz whenever you want to enjoy it.

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