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My name is Tunde Bencsik, we have founded this company with my partner of ten years, Kris. Both our families were wine producers, so we grew up watching and helping our parents and relatives created Hungary’s finest wines. Over the winter, mulled wine was a regular drink for family reunions, and we loved it’s fantastic smell from the childhood.

In the UK, all we have our fair share of chilly evenings every year. Drinking some hot mulled wine on an evening like that is priceless. But if you are not a hard drinker, mulling a full bottle isn’t an option when you just crave for a cup of relaxing drink, the warmness of mulled wine. Pre-bottled mulled wines are usually available only close to Christmas, and fairly their overall quality doesn’t meet everyone’s taste. The actual cooking part of mulling is also lost then, all the amazing smell, quite an aromatherapy for the tired mind. We believe it’s a crucial part of a good mug of mulled wine.

First we started to create small bags of mulling spices for our own. Within a year, we have not only perfected the amount of spices needed to create just a hot mug of mulling wine, but we have created different spice-combinations for various types of wine as well as for cider, apple and grape juice. We’ve also made the process really quick and painless, so you can start enjoying a hot Ten Senses infusion within only 2 minutes. For our ever growing list of recipes, please click here.

After our friends tasted our mulled wines, we have started to get more and more requests from them, and then from their friends also for more of our artisanal Mulling Bags™, so we gave in to the pressure, quit our jobs and create our brand. This is how Ten Senses has born and growing ever since.

We hand pick the best quality spices and ingredients, and fill each and every mulling bag manually to ensure we have the perfect rate of the 10 different spices in every bag. As manual labour is expensive, we have worked out a process to speed up manufacturing using custom designed and 3d printed tools to be able to keep our pricing at an affordable rate. We cater all our ingredients from local merchants to make sure that with our growth we support the growth of the economy that enabled us to turn this dream into reality.

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